Will a Press Release improve SEO?

DeanM on November 4, 2020 at 2:56 pm


The short answer – YES! But there are rules (just a few..) 

First, let’s clarify the subject of today’s guide.  A PRESS RELEASE is an official announcement sent to news agencies and journalists to inform them of important news or event. Since the purpose is to help journalists compose an article, its title should contain an action word and the first paragraph should provide a summary of the content. 

A press release should also be succinct, generally speaking of a page or two, written in clear language. The aim is to provide enough detail to the news media to run a story based on the ad. This is why you should not only consider them as a means of media coverage but also as real elements of content marketing. 

Creating a Press Release 

Here are some opportunities for a press release: 

• promotion or hiring of a new corporate executive 

• rebranding 

• awarding of a prize 

• introduction of a partnership or opening of a new office 

• launch of a new product or substantial update of an existing one 

Pick a catchy title 

Use a verb (an action word) to produce an interesting, punchy but short title. You need to get the reporter to read the release, so invest time in choosing the title if necessary. Don’t forget to make it SEO friendly and make sure you include your main keywords in the title so that it is explanatory of the content and optimised for search engines. 

Make it clear what it is 

Start with the place and date of sending the press release in bold. Then use the first paragraph to describe in a concise but complete way the subject of the press release.  Many will not go beyond the first paragraph, so eliminate unnecessary elements and communicate the news directly. 

Learn how to write engaging and search engine optimised content. 


Offer a quote 

Remember the primary audience you’re targeting: media professionals, who hopefully use the press release to write an article or report the news. Having data or a quote from key people for your business is valuable content that is easy to share. Include a key quote or two that serve to emphasise the ad content. 

Don’t forget the contact information and pictures 

The last paragraph is the one most likely to be cut off. Use it to include less necessary information, such as insights, brief company history, additional links, and contact details (first and last name, phone number, website, email and social media account). 

Include high-quality images as well, so journalists don’t have to waste time searching for them and can choose the one they like best.  

Sharing a Press Release 

Once you’ve proofread the press release thoroughly, to make sure it is understandable, error-free, and that all links are working correctly, it’s time to think about getting it out there. 

  1. Send the press release via email to the various journalists, pasting it directly into the body of the message.  
  1. Create a list of journalists to send your press release to. Select those experts in your sector or area, to contact with a personalised message. 
  1. Try to differentiate yourself using alternative channels to contact journalists who are bombarded with an avalanche of mail every day. 
  1. Don’t post your ad on the stroke of a new hour. Many distribution companies and services schedule publications on the hour. Try distributing it at less usual times. 
  1. If your press release is used to write some articles or is mentioned in the media, share these stories on your social networks to increase the visibility of your brand. 

In essence, a press release can really help boost your SEO, but remember to make it newsworthy, relevant and interesting!  

Have you ever written a press release? 

Which of these principles and advice have you used and what do you recommend to those who are about to write an ad like this for the first time? 

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