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We’re Certified Google Partners. That means we’re recognised for our expertise and experience in managing Google AdWords, giving you the best possible advice when it comes marketing your business online.  

Not to toot our own horn, but there is a real skill to creating a top quality and highly effective Adwords campaign. We’ll work closely with you getting to know your business, with our friendly team always providing constructive and honest feedback to ensure we get the best results for your website.

There’s no contract with our PPC Programmes, just a low cost, pay-as-you-go service. We’ll make sure your website gets the right exposure when it matters, boosting your website sales and saving on your marketing costs.

Local Paid Advertising

For a sure-fire way to really get your local business noticed on search engines and create a virtual pathway to your front door – Local Paid Ads is where it’s at. These ads allow potential customers to find your business quickly and easily on the Google Maps feature, aside from showing your business location, your ad will also display directions, your business phone number and address – generating leads via telephone, website enquires or foot traffic to your premises.  

We’ve all got a smart phone in our pocket these days, with over 80% of online users searching via their mobile device, making Google Maps the ultimate feature, particularly when it comes to searching for businesses on the go. Research proves that the Google Maps “near me” function is highly successful in capturing a user’s attention, allowing them to locate businesses such as yours nearest to their location – whatever industry they may be looking for. 

Local Paid Ads are the ultimate way to ensure your business ranks highly on Google Maps listings and are hugely effective in promoting your products or services to that local “ready to buy” audience. 

It’s no secret that Video Marketing is booming, so to really make your business stand out, drive traffic, and increase leads, we’ll integrate a video into your local listing which will show up in search results along with all your other business details. But don’t worry if you don’t have a video for your business, we can create an infographic video just for you as an add on to this service. 

There is a real skill to managing a top quality and effective ad campaign. We’ll work closely with you getting to know your business, providing constructive and honest feedback to ensure we get the best results. 

Infographic Video Add-On
If you don’t have a video for your Local Paid Ads, we can create a high quality and informative infographic video for your business of up to 30 seconds long. You’re free to use the video for other areas of your online marketing too. 

Google Shopping

A nifty bit of kit for e-commerce websites; Google Shopping is essentially a feed of products pulled from your website. Each product is listed as an image with product information that appears in the Google search results, it's opportune placement for customers browsing for goods such as yours.

But there's a tad more to it than that! With ElevateOM, you'll have the expert touch. Our highly knowledgeable team will manage your Google Shopping campaigns, expertly structured to target your market, ensuring your products get prime visibility and contain accurate information - ultimately, this defines the success of a sale.

Promoting your brand this way will boost your reach and quality of website traffic, so you're coming up trumps!


You're browsing products online, not sure you're ready to make your purchase. A while later, by some digital marketing wizardry an ad for the very same product you were previously looking at appears; yup, that's remarketing!

It's surprisingly common for users to abandon their shopping cart after browsing, and often customers won't buy anything on their first visit to a website. Re-targeting is a clever way to bring those customers that previously shown interest in your products, back to your website.

Best of all, remarketing will help maximise your other online marketing strategies. With our experience and know-how, and your products - it's ready, set, retarget!

Programmatic Display Advertising

A creative and more in-depth way to reach your target market with greater efficiency - sounds good already, right?

Programmatic Advertising is a skilled way to automate the process of buying ads, targeting highly specific audiences across various digital channels; web, video, app, social media - you name it. Delivering ads to users effectively based on specific signals, such as shopping patterns and browsing activity, (thanks to some rather intelligent algorithms).

But what does that really mean? Let's look at the benefits of using Programmatic Display Advertising;

  • Targeting - Biggest of all, you can target your audience with laser-like precision that you can't with other forms of online marketing; allowing you to achieve a superior performance.
  • High ROI - Due to the highly targeted ways of Programmatic Advertising and the fact it uses multiple advertising channels, as well as digital platforms; with all that additional reach you'll likely be looking at a nice return on investment.
  • Effective reporting - Your reports will be dripping in rich data, you'll have greater insight on your campaigns, ads, target market and buying patterns.

If you want to find out more about any of our Online Marketing services and how we can help your business, reach out to discuss the best options for you.

Facebook Ad's

Whatever your industry, whether it's boosting brand awareness or generating leads, with over 2.8 billion active users to date, Facebook is a great place to start! Facebook Ads work brilliantly for small or medium sized businesses.

Not to burst your bubble but marketing your business on Facebook with purely organic posts is a very long, hard slog, with little reach.

Thanks to an untold amount of user data supplied by Facebook, we're able to micro-target your audience and ensure you're reaching potential customers with a specific interest in your products or services.

The fun doesn't stop there, Facebook digs deep when it comes to analytics, with highly valuable reports allowing us to effectively manage your ads and gain a greater insight to your potential customers.

Don't be a Facebook flop, reach out to our team of experts and boost your business!

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I have employed the services of ElevateOM and in particular Sarah Ferguson to mange my google ads over the last 9 months or so. Finding time to mange this myself has become increasingly difficult because of ever increasing time constraints for other parts of my business.

Sarah is a complete professional and very good at what she does. She is always available to answer any questions or go over future strategy regarding my google ads.

Since Sarah has been managing my ad account I have seen massive improvement on my conversion rates and the amount of revenue and profit generated from google ads, something I was close to giving up on before Sarah took over.

I especially like Sarah’s approach in managing everything for me which saves me time trying to make google ads efficient and allows Sarah to work her magic. Yet at the same time she is always there to talk over anything I need to understand. I cannot fault her work ethic, professionalism or her results orientated mind set and I would highly recommend Sarah and ElevateOM.

If your google ads are sapping your time and energy I wouldn’t hesitate for a second in contacting ElevateOM and Sarah to help you grow your business fast”

Colin Smith

Results Reporting

Many factors can determine PPC success, and this includes the amount of money you are prepared to spend at any hour of the day. Getting onboard with ElevateOM PPC services is a positive way to make sure that you gain the right exposure when it matters.

Unlike organic SEO, PPC results fluctuate on an hourly basis depending on a number of factors and therefore you will not be looking for a particular position each month. Instead, we use our expertise and intelligent systems to make sure your company is seen by the right people at the most effective time.


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