SEO Lessons for Ecommerce Product Pages

SEO Lessons for Ecommerce Product Pages

DeanM on May 29, 2020 at 3:45 pm


70-80% of searchers focus on Organic search results(SEO) over paid Ad results – .

More traffic means more sales. Optimising the individual product pages on your ecommerce site is one of the most effective ways to improve the traffic to your site. This blog aims to give you tips and tricks to help your business succeed.

The name of a product is the biggest influence on organic search rankings. The product name is typically in the title, heading tags and other related metadata. Highly descriptive product names are clear for both consumers and the search engine algorithms. Product names are usually set in stone, but modifying the information in the title is a great way to differentiate between similar products so customers can find exactly what they’re looking for.

Don’t just cut and paste the product names used on Amazon or your competitors – add a little extra thought.

Add extensive product descriptions. You can list options including colour, size, material, style along with any other attributes or features that may improve contextual search relevance and help shoppers. Shoppers will have landed directly from a search engine, which means they may be unfamiliar with your site. Make sure you make everything easy to use so they don’t bounce back to search results. Use highlights and bullet points.

Each product page is its own advert so treat it like it was going to appear on a road side billboard – now will your customers still like what they see?

User generated content is an SEO goldmine, underutilised by many ecommerce websites. User generated content such as reviews can boost contextual relevance by using the language of the reviews to change and alter the language in your description, which can boost SEO rankings. Implemented correctly, these reviews can be considered part of the site’s content. However, if done wrong or these reviews are filled with spam, it can muddle the relevancy and even have a negative impact on your site’s ranking. In order to avoid this, it is vital reviews are moderated and maybe even pin the most helpful comments to the top of the list. There are so many partner review sites out there, or just add a genuine one yourself.

Using the usual SEO tips and tricks are great, but ecommerce sites have a lot of options that many don’t even think to take advantage of. Take your business to the next level by improving your SEO ranking and making it easier for consumers to find you. Your e-commerce package will have a section on SEO best practises that are optimised for the way it works. Please take time to read and understand what they recommend and do it! These are big companies with big research budgets, they earn more when you earn more ie when you get more traffic.

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