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A well-prepared SEO strategy for the Christmas season could mean the difference between succeeding or falling short of your goals over the festive season. Losing visibility, ranking lower on Google and driving away customers with poor content are the last things you want to happen during one of the busiest online shopping periods of the year. 

Here, we share some essential Christmas SEO optimisation tips to help you tweak your strategy ahead of this year’s Christmas season.

Create useful SEO Christmas content

You’ll have noticed that offline stores gradually start to adorn themselves in lights and ornaments as early as October to mid-November to get customers in the mood. Online, however, eCommerce retailers often mimic the holiday atmosphere weeks or months in advance by creating Christmas content.

“Content is king” in SEO marketing, and good SEO copywriting aims to produce content that meets the search needs of users and is optimised to be indexed by the Google algorithm and to scale the SERP. Writing new blog articles and promoting your festive products ahead of the 2022 Christmas rush can help you climb the search rankings and increase traffic to your website.

Make use of Google Keyword Planner which can help you nail down what people are looking for so you can tailor your products and content to specific keywords each month. For example “Christmas cards” or even longer, but more specific keywords (long tail keywords) such as “local handmade Christmas cards”. These types of keywords are the ones that will generate the most traffic during the Christmas period.

On-site SEO optimisation 

Invest time in optimising the SEO of the most important pages on and off your website, such as the home page content, the internal pages of your flagship products and the contact page, etc. 

Take some time to health-check and fix potential issues on:

• product descriptions;

• product images;

• product reviews;

• page titles;

• the meta descriptions

Remember to also optimise your snippets and heading tags and to focus the text and descriptions of your products based on your Google Keywords.

Make sure your website is mobile-friendly

Quite simply, if you want to increase visits to your shop during the Christmas rush, you need to make sure the user experience and the customer journey is optimised both from desktop and mobile devices. 

Mobile has overtaken desktop in search volumes, and if you’re targeting mobile users (which you should be) then this will include verifying that the user experience has been thoroughly checked across a range of devices and that there are no barriers standing in the way of potential customers purchasing a product.

Google has also made it quite clear that mobile SEO is critical for search ranking on mobile devices.

Improve your website speed

One of the most common SEO mistakes that leads to a high bounce rate is slow website speed. No one wants to wait for a website to load, not least during the Christmas period when consumers are bombarded with offers from competitors. If your website’s loading time is too slow, it may be affecting its performance and in turn, drive potential buyers away.

Websites shouldn’t overlook speed because it has been a Google ranking criteria for some time now, and, if you want your website to rank in the SERP this Christmas, we suggest the help of a technical SEO agency to help diagnose and improve your website performance.

Take Action Now to Improve Your Google Rankings!

We have shared just a few ideas and strategies that will help you increase your sales volume at Christmas. From simple web tweaks to more comprehensive content marketing strategies that will help optimise your conversion rate.

If you want to improve your SEO even more or don’t know where to start, contact ElevateOM’s digital marketing experts to help accelerate website traffic and sales ahead of this year’s busy Christmas season.

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