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DeanM on November 18, 2020 at 11:29 am


It’s no surprise that selling through social media is BIG business – 30% of online shoppers worldwide say they shop on social media (Big Commerce, 2019)

This is an opportunity to be exploited since nowadays social networks like Facebook and Instagram offer the necessary tools to better attract with your ideal customers and sell your products directly through these platforms. For some years now, social-selling has been seen as a standard concept for developing online sales. 

If you’re looking to increase your sales through social media, perhaps these ideas can help: 

Which social networks to sell through?  

There are a range of different social networks, we have Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram and many others. You will certainly have to choose the ones that best suit your audience, this is the vital first step; know where your customers go to find the products and services they’re looking for. 

Once you’ve nailed down your preferred social network, you will have to produce a plan to create and then share content that is really of strong interest to your target audience. 

Both Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and others offer advertising tools to get the content you previously produced to the attention of a new audience. 

Engage potential buyers with quality content 

Having a content and social media marketing strategy makes it easy to build relationships with the brand’s potential customers. Social users, and the internet in general, are bombarded daily by thousands of different messages and have a very low threshold of attention in this regard. 

Your content must therefore be designed according to the specific needs of your target audience, to create messages that are as personalised as possible to capture attention. 

Doing all this is certainly not easy, but we are not talking about an impossible task. There are some steps you need to focus on. Read our blog on some tips on how to do this: 

Participate in conversations 

The interaction of a seller on social media should move from their posts to those shared by other users (or sellers, if you prefer). B2B decision-makers are in fact more likely to engage with a salesperson who demonstrates knowledge about them. 

It, therefore, becomes important to look carefully for the conversations to participate in, considering how some value can be added to the discussion while increasing the brand’s awareness 

Here’s where to find conversations to participate in and get noticed: 

News Feeds 

Facebook and LinkedIn groups are excellent places to interact with potential customers. Engaging with positive comments on your Facebook page is a great way to build rapport. 


i.e. related to your products or industry. By searching for them, you will be able to find conversations and posts about related topics and give you opportunities to promote yourself. 


This will allow you to take advantage of your visibility on social media, thus bringing your brand to the attention of a greater number of users. 

Paid content 

Have you considered paid content?  

The basic concept of a paid content is the same for all Social Media: a text + image post is created that promotes a product/service and a certain budget is assigned to it to reach a certain number of users for a certain period of time. The advertising post will appear in the newsfeed of users who will be invited (through an effective Call to Action) to carry out an action, which could consist of visiting the website, subscribing to a newsletter, finding out more information about a product, landing on a landing page and so on. 

The huge advantage of paid social media posts is that they can be focussed towards a highly targeted audience. 

If you’re unsure about your social media strategy, we can help! Get in touch to find out more 

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