Improve Your SEO Through Blogs in 8 Simple Steps

DeanM on February 5, 2020 at 9:12 am


Almost every company seems to have a blog these days but very few are actually utilising their blogs in a way that maximises SEO results and getting all the benefits they could be. This blog aims to give you eight easy ways to improve your visibility, traffic and business.

Create a Great Name

Work your creative magic; something many businesses miss out, which reduces the optimisation opportunities available to you.

Ask yourself who you’re looking to reach with your blog content, if you can add any important SEO keywords to the title or the content and what the overarching theme of your blog is.

Finding a descriptive name that makes sense for your business can increase organic, incremental traffic. If you can’t think of anything (maybe like a play on words) add keywords to your blog title to make sure people actually see it.

Reach out to a Specific Audience with Each Post

You don’t have to reach out to the same segment of your target audience with each blog. In fact, it might be better to vary exactly who you’re aiming your content towards. Create content that is optimised for specific customers and uses keywords and phrases that will reach them.

Make Sure your URL Structure is Effective

Ensuring your URL naming convention is effective can be useful for both marketers and visitors for a number of reasons.

Firstly, it makes it easier to track how successful your blogs are through analytics. Including ‘blog’ in your URL structure is an incredibly simple way to report your results and change your content accordingly.

It can also help make your site more user friendly and far more accessible. Make it quick, snappy and leave out words like “and,” “or,” and “but.”

Continually Optimise Blog Content

Improving your SEO doesn’t always mean fresh, new content. You can review your current content and look for opportunities to add internal links, optimise current images or add some optimised images, link one post to another related post as well as review title tags and meta descriptions to ensure targeted keywords are included. Performing these tasks rather than adding new content can save you time, money and resource.
Find and Fill Content Gaps

If you’re struggling to rank for high priority keywords because your site hasn’t been able to incorporate them, utilising your blog to write about these keywords could massively help.

Add Optimised Videos and Images

Not only do images and videos create a positive experience and increase viewer engagement, but they also have incredible SEO potential too! With your photos, make sure you’re using alt tags and using high-priority keywords when appropriate.

Structured Data Mark-up

Structured data mark-up can be added to your HTML in order to classify your page content and provide information on the page. In some cases, this can improve your representation in SERPs. Using schema mark-up can help you ensure your content is fully optimised.

Social Media Sharing

There are so many huge benefits to sharing blogs on social media. It can help you ensure your social media feed is relevant and current and regular posting allows your customer base to stay engaged. It can also help improve SEO results as social media channels are included in the algorithm and it helps to increase referral traffic.

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