A new era of Internet- 3 ways to boost web traffic.

DeanM on June 10, 2020 at 12:42 pm


23rd March 2020, the day when lockdown was implemented across the UK and the world copes with life indoors, it seems we’ve battened down the hatches settled in to be at home for the long haul, we have seen the shifts of this “new norm” across many sectors but for most, the financial effects of the world protecting itself from the virus are drastic. For others, business is absolutely booming.

What does this tell us about how people are utilising the web? Well, there is no doubt that many people globally have a lot more time on their hands and the only escape to the outside world is a connection to the internet – People are, more than ever, browsing and clicking, whether it be for personal improvement or home-improvement, or re-aligning business strategies to cope with the impending devastation of the virus, there is no doubt that there has been a sea-change from the high-street to the web.

With this in mind, businesses need to be seen, now more than ever, to be visible and marketable to attract the increased flow of traffic to your site, it’s worth bearing in mind too that a big focus of this new shift should also concentrate on your existing client base, making them aware that you are doing what you can to accommodate their needs by being accessible in a very difficult time.

What we’ve seen so far, is a huge flood of businesses who have coasted along with not much more than a landing page on their website, realising suddenly that footfall is non-existent and therefore needing to improve their visibility online is the only method of survival, whether that be rebranding or building a new website. There have also been many brilliant new business ventures and ideas born out of necessity and struggle, which goes to show that a problem really is the time to do your best.

So, let’s talk about improving your visibility and making you seen, and of course, heard – What can you do to market yourself to a new and existing audience?

Content content content!
Content marketing strategies will help keep you an on-going relationship during, and even after, the coronavirus pandemic. Content marketing is an effective way for you to keep in touch with your customers and increase business flow during the coronavirus pandemic. Communicating and engaging with your audience with regularly updated content is a great way to promote your activities online.

Are you social?
Do you have a social media campaign that engages with your potential customers? If you haven’t started a Facebook, Twitter or Instagram page or you’re not engaging your audience across channels such as these, you’re missing a big opportunity to tap into that all-important click-through, and channel traffic to your business. Beware, however, you don’t want to be tone-deaf and alienate people, because nearly everyone these days is worried about something related to the virus, subtlety is the key.

Email marketing
Communicating with clients via emails is not dead – it’s alive and kicking! And, within this strategy, we can find different types of emails, such as mailing and newsletters. A good email can not only become an invaluable way to increase your sales and foster loyalty but also drive web traffic right from the email to your content or products.

With just a few small tweaks in your marketing strategy, you should see an uptick in traffic and engagement – give it go.

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