Why Small Businesses Can Benefit from Blogging

DeanM on February 14, 2020 at 11:26 am


As a small business, you might think that the time and effort that goes into writing blogs just can’t be worth it. However, the benefits can be astronomical and blogs might not be as much effort as you think.

One major boost is to your search engine optimisation. Search engines love fresh, new content and consistent blogging means you give google and other search engines new stuff to index as well as creating new opportunities to plug in those all-important keywords, which helps improve your SEO. You will also benefit from backlinks as other websites begin to link to the articles on your website. This adds more fuel to the SEO fire because search engines consider backlinks as an endorsement of the authority of your website.

Another incredible benefit is the fact you can create great, personal connections with your clients. You can open comments and allow people to have an input on what you’ve written and start conversations that will help you build a rapport, build trust and help you understand exactly what your customer base wants. It can also help connect customers to your brand. It’s important your blog has an overarching sense of your corporate standards while still showing a slightly more human side to the company.

By utilising your knowledge and spreading some lesser known tricks of the trade, you can establish yourself as an industry leader. By becoming a “go to” for reliable, informative content, you can increase your conversion rates as well as gain the credibility needed to compete with larger businesses.

This information will also be a fantastic way to advertise to your customers without being an in your face ad. By offering solutions to their problems, which might include your products, you’re making their lives easier and better. This can lead to building a loyal base that is appreciative of you giving vital, beneficial information out for free.

By asking readers to subscribe to your posts, you can leverage your blog to get emails from interested leads. These emails can be used for marketing purposes to increase touch points and open the door for email marketing opportunities to promote your business, send special promotions, and much, much more. The more often you can connect with a lead, the better your chance of converting them into customers.

Your blog offers so much opportunity for sharing. Whether they link the post, tweet it or anything else, it’s free marketing that shows you to be a credible business.

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