Why Google Analytics is Important

DeanM on March 17, 2018 at 4:49 pm


If you’ve heard about how vital Google Analytics is for business growth or you’re curious about using Google Analytics to benefit a website, this explainer aims to give you all the answers you’ve been looking for.

Analytics provides vital insights that can help you mould and change the success strategy of your business. Whether you own an ecommerce operation or an informative blog, it’s great to understand the business aspects of it.

Google Analytics gives you the tools to track and understand your customer’s behaviour, what they’re looking for, and whether your business is addressing their needs. It allows you to use its technology to study your online business so you can cater well to your customers. If you want to deliver effectively to your customers, you need to understand exactly who they are.

One key aspect you can learn from analytics is where your customers have come from. If your clients are mainly coming from their mobile, is it financially viable to investigate a dedicated mobile app?

Another great thing you can get from analytics is which geographical area most of your customers are coming from. Understanding this about your customers helps you formulate marketing strategies and solutions that address their needs. You’ll also be able to determine whether there is a growing potential for your products and your services.

You can also target your marketing to benefit new customers without alienating your existing client base.

Google Analytics gives you the information necessary to segment your client base. Each one of your customers is different. They react to your website differently and they perform different actions on it. Using Advanced Segments feature allows you to classify your customers based on certain factors.

When you’re embarking on a new campaign, it’s vital to see if it’s working. To draw attention to your business, you need to create campaigns that reach out to your customers. You also need to measure the impact these campaigns have on your client base. See which emails are bringing people in and which are not so you don’t continue to waste time or money that you could be putting into making your business great.

Google Analytics allows you to add goals and track them. This can help you track how well your business is progressing. By setting goals and studying the results, you can formulate or change existing plans and strategies to make them as effective as possible. You can investigate what’s making people leave your site without converting by using these tools too!

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