Utilising LinkedIn to Power your Business

DeanM on March 9, 2020 at 11:25 am


LinkedIn is an incredibly valuable tool to grow your business and it can help you connect with market leaders in your field. It’s absolutely vital to utilise this free tool in a way that allows your business to grow and thrive.

To take full advantage of LinkedIn, you need to connect with people, interact with people and build a great profile.

Connecting with people is as simple as it sounds. Set your profile to public and connect with friends, former colleagues, current workmates, those with work that has inspired you, people working at a company you’d love to work at or work with. There’s no limit to the number of people you can connect with and it’s a useful tool for building employment opportunities.

It’s not enough just to connect. Thoughtfully engage with people’s content, talk to people and start conversations. Don’t spam people and ensure you’ve read their posts carefully before commenting, but don’t be scared to make yourself known. If people comment on your posts, comment back. Also, be sure to join and actively participate in groups relevant to your business.

Build a profile that reflects you well. Fill out all the fields that apply to you and your business and ensure there’s a jargon free introduction to you, your business and what you do. Make sure all pictures are of a high quality, professional and fit the dimensions perfectly. You can even link to your own website to give even more details.

LinkedIn is the only social media network that allows you to publish articles. You can create content that is unique to LinkedIn and utilise their analytics so you can see which articles perform the best.

When people search for your business, you want to ensure that the information out there is from you. Of course, you want to direct most people to your own site but it’s vital that you claim all the social media profiles in your name that you can. This allows you to control the narrative about your own business.

LinkedIn users have buying power. 44% of users earn more than £58,000 a year, which means if you have something to sell, someone on LinkedIn has the power to buy. A huge number of LinkedIn users (around 40 million) are in decision-making positions. This means they have the authority to hire your agency, license your software or make a company-wide order of your product.

The recruitment capability of LinkedIn is often underrated. There are premium subscription services that allows you to post job openings, use advanced search options to find the right candidate for you and save you thousands in recruiter fees.

Even if you don’t want to spend a lot of time using LinkedIn, it’s a great tool for your business with opportunities it is well worth exploring.

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