The Reason you should use Live Chat on your Website

DeanM on March 6, 2020 at 2:35 pm


Larger-scale companies have been slowly incorporating live chat onto their websites for the past few years. Is it worth it for SMEs? Well, over half of consumers report preferring live chat to phone customer service as it’s instant.

Only around 10% of websites use live chat, which means it could be a great tool for businesses looking to get ahead of their competition. Plus, as it’s most often used by larger companies, it can add real level of professionalism to your site that your competitors just aren’t matching.

As the answers are instantaneous, live chat has been proven to lead to more leads. Studies have shown that potential customers that use live chats are three times more likely to make a purchase. This indicates that those with an online shop specifically could benefit.
Live chats are a way to proactively communicate with clients. This means if they have any concerns or queries, they don’t have to wait on hold or figure out how to connect with you via email. They are greeted with a friendly message that can help ease their worries and answer any questions they have. This allows you to build a relationship with potential clients. People are understandably wary of buying or engaging services from people they don’t know. By providing help when they need it, you can show your clients you’re a firm they can trust.

Typically, support agents can handle three live chats at a time. This means in the same amount of time live chat can offer support to three times as many customers as phone-based customer service. It can offer a quicker interaction and communication that is quicker, easier and more effective. This means no matter the size of your business, it’s easy to keep your clients happy and resolve any problems quickly. This can improve customer satisfaction rates and help your business thrive.

This instant feedback not only helps your clients, it helps you too. It allows you to discover any website issues quickly thanks to customer feedback. This feedback will also allow you to improve your practices by utilising live chat archives to actively search for problems.

So, is live chat a useful tool for your business? If you’re looking to increase sales and engagement while building trust with your potential clients, it’s invaluable.

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