Small Business? Here’s How to Improve Your Website

DeanM on February 25, 2020 at 12:34 pm


Building a website is just the first step for a small business’ online presence. To ensure your website is truly effective, you have to make sure it gets plenty of TLC. If you want your business to evolve and grow with your customers, it’s vital to be sure it’s working at its ideal level. Don’t panic! This doesn’t mean a big, expensive overhaul to your site. It’s the small changes that often make the biggest difference.

Ensure your Navigation is as Simple as Possible

When new and potential customers come to your site, they want to find what they need in as few clicks as possible. This means your navigation needs to be clear, concise and easy to understand.

Your navigation should include 5-7 top-level categories that reflect the content on each subsequent page.

Put Keywords in your Headings

Including headings not only makes your content easier to read and nicer to look at, using keywords in them can help your SEO too.

Add a Call to Action

Identify any opportunity on your site to add an targeted call to action that aligns with your marketing and sales goals.

As the name suggests, a call to action prompts potential clients to do something. Whether that’s calling your business, booking a free demo, signing up to a newsletter or anything in between, it establishes a connection that you could convert into a sale.

Rewrite a Page of Content

Look through your existing content and try to see it from a potential client’s point of view. Is there anything missing? Does it tell them everything they need to know, and does it flow together? If not, rewrite it so it’s relevant and interesting to your audience.

Add New Images

This is a fantastic way to freshen up the look of your site. You can also use alt-tags to incorporate keywords into your page.

Update Your Meta Descriptions

These are the 160 characters of content that appears on your search engine result directly below your page title. Look at the way your competitors utilise their meta descriptions, see what they do well and what they can improve and use that for your own work.

Add Testimonials

Let people see how good your business is. Testimonials add credibility and encourage customers to make a purchase. Whether you want a full page or have them in other areas of the site, it’s a great way to build your brand.

Identify and Fix Broken Links

Unfortunately, broken links sometimes happen but they don’t look good and make your website look under-cared for. Click around and ensure everything on your site is connected and working as it should. If not, get it fixed as soon as possible!

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