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DeanM on January 20, 2020 at 10:45 am


Customer feedback has always been an important part of any business but thanks to social media, it is more visible than ever. This means the potential impact of both positive and negative reviews has been taken to a whole new level. It’s important for modern businesses to take advantage and use this in their existing marketing strategy.

Reviews can be hugely beneficial, especially for businesses savvy enough to capitalise on them. They can lead to improvements in the business and inform decisions. However, it’s important to utilise the comments on social media as well as feedback that is actively requested.

Find time to respond to the good, bad and the odd. Becoming a part of the conversation and acknowledging feedback means your business puts its message across.

Though it’s not always pleasant, it’s important to respond to negative feedback. Try to take it in impartially and, if it feels unfair, take a deep breath and lose your defensiveness before you start your response. Depending on the issue, it might be wise to start with an apology. It’s also a good idea to thank people for their time and their feedback so you can establish you’re responding and listening in good faith. If you need to explain the situation or you think you can rectify things with a phone call, make sure you do. In addition, if the review has led to any changes, make sure the client knows this. It’s likely that they will appreciate that action has been taken.

It can be risky, but if the review genuinely is unfair, it can be reasonable to push back or disagree. Make sure you’re respectful and explain your position and your confidence in the products or services you provide.

Responding to positive feedback is a great way to cultivate a great relationship with your customer base and potentially encourage brand loyalty. It’s never smart to pay for reviews but a simple thank you goes an awfully long way. Keep it personal and acknowledge what the review said. For example, if someone leaves a review that says they were celebrating their anniversary, wish them a happy anniversary. Be upbeat about them visiting you again.

Not only do positive reviews feel nice, they’re also very valuable. It’s important for you to properly capitalise on them as they can help your SEO so encourage people to leave feedback. You can also ask if they consent to their review being featured on your site or your promotional materials. You can also highlight high ratings on sites such as Trustpilot on your website.

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