5 Reasons For Making A Website Mobile Friendly

DeanM on February 23, 2021 at 2:05 pm


Building responsive websites that work across different devices is essential to ensure a good user experience. A study by the Interactive Advertising Bureau and Price Waterhouse Coopers showed that mobile ad spend in the UK overtook desktop for the first time –therefore, having a mobile-friendly website is key to tapping into this growing trend. 

What does a mobile-friendly website mean 

The meaning of mobile-friendly refers to a website with a clear and light structure, which uses a web design capable of making navigation fluid and usable even via mobile devices. The pages of a site of this type load quickly and are readable in their entirety, without the need to zoom or scroll horizontally to continue reading. 

But, why make a website mobile friendly? 

1. There are more users. 

The first reason why it is necessary to make your website to be mobile friendly is, essentially, a numerical fact: users who access the Internet from mobile have overtaken those who do it only from a desktop. The latest figures show that in the UK, mobile and tablets accounted for 52.4% of the market share when browsing (source). 

Mobile-optimised websites can use unique features that make it easier for users to engage and provide them with the information they’re looking for. 

2. Google penalises non-mobile Friendly sites 

Google has already made it known for some time that it has updated its search algorithms to favour Mobile Friendly websites and Google considers a long list of items when deciding how optimised a website is for mobile devices, such as: 

· The scalability of fonts for readability on small screens 

· The spacing and usability of the tactile elements 

· Whether the website uses Flash or not (which doesn’t work well in mobile browsers) 

· Page loading time 

3. User experience is maximised 

Taking text and other page elements designed for a computer screen and compressing them to fit mobile phones is far from the best way to optimise the user experience. 

A mobile responsive design should be focused on making it as easy as possible for users to navigate and find the information they need. A responsive design can reduce elements to fit the screen, but this is only the first step in creating a good mobile user experience. 

Today, 44% of consumers say their mobile device is their most important aid in making purchasing decisions. 

4. Effects on brand image 

A brand that does not have a mobile-friendly website, in addition to being penalised by Google, gives itself a careless online image because it is not in line with the latest technological developments. The consequence of this is in the next point… 

5. Favours competition 

A customer who needs a product or service at a precise moment will favour a mobile responsive website over a desktop-only site due to the nature of how we like to buy things these days; he/she will be pushed to engage a competing brand that offers the same product/service but that has of a mobile-friendly website. 


Developing a unique, mobile-friendly website is simply the only way to maximise user experience which, ultimately, can lead to important results for your bottom line. 

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