Why Blogging Is the Boost Your Small Business Needs Right Now

DeanM on July 13, 2020 at 3:32 pm


Blogging is hugely beneficial to any business when it comes to online marketing, but particularly small businesses and start-ups; the key reason being – it gives your search engine rankings a major boost. 

The likes of Google and Bing, LOVE fresh, new content – when blogging consistently, you’re giving those search engines more ammo to index your website.  

But before you get started on your blogging venture, you need to give some thought to your approach. You may already be aware that keywords are good for content, but cramming them in doesn’t need to be the main aim of your blog.  

Ask yourself this, is your goal to increase engagement from customers? Or pleasing Google with your keywords? There isn’t a right or wrong answer, and you can find a good balance of both, but if you’re writing a blog focusing on useful industry know-how, you don’t need to worry so much about keywords being the main focus.  

A great example of this; do you often get asked the same questions by customers? This is a great time to flex that thought leadership, show off your expertise and answer those burning questions from your audience. Your industry knowledge will position you as an expert in the field, connecting your customers with your brand and rest assured they’ll keep coming back for more. 

Blogs open-up another means of connecting and engaging with your audience, reaping that all-important constructive feedback, giving you a better understanding of what they want.  

If you are aiming for the alternative of a keyword led blog instead to please those search engines, one thing to bear in mind, ensure your content reads naturally and keywords flow in a sentence, otherwise you could be accused of keyword stuffing – which definitely won’t get you on Google’s good side.  

You are all experts in your field and know your business better than anyone, use your knowledge and experience to your advantage, share your tricks of the trade, establish yourself as an industry leader – build yourself up as the “go-to” for trustworthy and informative content, this will lead to increasing your conversion rates and gaining credibility in the process – win!  

Don’t forget to ask your readers to subscribe to your blog posts, not only is this beneficial for marketing purposes, it’s a great tool for promoting your business – and best of all, it’s totally free marketing, baby.  

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