SEO Strategy Guide: Beat Your Competition

DeanM on January 3, 2020 at 1:16 pm


There are three major things your website requires to outrank your competition: the best content you can produce, a great distribution plan, great site optimisation.

When you look almost anything up on google, you’ll be met with hundreds of millions of results. Google digs through this content and finds the most useful so the first page boasts nothing but quality. As an average user, you don’t need to know how google does this but as a business owner, it’s vital to understand so you can take advantage.

There are over two hundred ranking factors, but the overarching one is determining which sites excel in being useful to their users.

It’s crucial to have a firm understanding of what you’re offering. This allows you to establish your target audience and then you can decide which kind of website is most beneficial to your needs. Many site owners don’t think this far ahead. Be better than them.

Once you’ve established the type of website is right for you and who you want to visit your site, it’s time to get people seeing it. This is where keywords come in.

Ensure these keywords accurately reflect what you’re offering without being too vague. For example, you’re unlikely to beat out the big-brand competition with “shoes for men” and, even if you did, you risk bringing people to your site without having what they’re looking for. Being more specific and choosing “summer shoes for men” is more likely to help. It’s also important that your keywords have a high search value so you can convert those searchers into clients.

Once you have established your keywords, it’s time to incorporate them into high quality content. The standards for content are incredibly high but the core principle is the same: give people the best version of what they’re looking for. This means ensuring your site is user friendly, the information it contains is accurate and detailed and that it offers real solutions to your audience’s problems.

After you’ve established your audience and worked on ensuring your content is of the highest quality, it’s time to make sure your audience actually sees it. This is why keywords are so vital. Though you may have ideas of your own, it’s important that you use ones that are effective. ElevateOM’s search engine optimisation service can take all of the guess work out of keywords and phrases by utilising our state-of-the-art technology that allows us to even narrow keywords down to your local area.

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