How to get to know your customers…better!

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You don’t need to be an expert to understand that one of the keys to increasing e-commerce sales is knowing your customers and understanding who they are. However, this data remains useless if it is not used constantly to improve the customer experience. Therefore, really getting to know your users and their needs is valuable. 

So, how do you identify customer needs?

Communicate with them

Make it easy to contact for help, information or insights on each page of your shop. Show your “community” that customer service is irreproachable and always offers a solution. Be responsive by proposing the possibility to modify the product, promotional code, free shipping, etc. Invest in customer care and communicate with customers through the various channels: web, blog, social network, newsletter.

Always appreciate the opinions and comments of reviews, interact with them, including those that are anything but flattering! If you respond appropriately, criticism can be used to improve your brand. When you get a negative opinion, treat it as soon as possible.

Insights Gathering Tools

Google Analytics is a free service made available by Google to monitor its website. If you’ve never used this tool before, it would be useful to briefly learn how to use Google Analytics to find a large amount of information relating to visitors to your site and their behaviour.

The sections that are worth checking out if you want to start learning more about your users are Audience and Acquisition. In the first, you can find detailed demographic information, but also data regarding the interests of your visitors, while in the acquisition section you can find where they come from: organic searchPPC campaigns, social, etc. This type of information can help you understand more about your users’ habits and behaviours.

Facebook has access to an impressive amount of information about its users. The Insight section available for fan pages allows you to have access to this and other data concerning the page itself, such as detailed information on “Likes”, on the coverage of posts, actions performed on posts, etc.

Online Poll

One of the easiest ways to better understand who your users are is to ask questions directly to them. If you have a website or are still present online on other channels, there are some tools you can use to get information.

Surveymonkey is one of the most popular tools used for designing an online survey, which allows you to reach the recipients of the survey on the web, via email or on social networks. The functionalities of this tool do not end once the answers are obtained: tools for targeted analysis are available that allow you to obtain interesting information.

SurveyMonkey also provides a database of ready-made questions from which to draw when you build your survey. 

Or why not turn to Social Media and try a good old Instagram Poll on your Instagram Stories? Quick and effective! 

See how your customers behave

Knowing how your customers speak is great, but people often say one thing and do another. You’ll get the greatest insights of all by observing online consumer behaviour.

Check how customers use your website with Google Analytics – Google Analytics shows you where your customers come from to reach your website and how they move through your website. Additionally, it can be set to show what percentage of your visitors become buyers.

You will learn a lot about what your customers want from the search terms they use to get to your site. All of this is valuable information that helps you understand your customers better.

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