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Creating content is fundamental if you want to improve your SEO or online marketing because it allows you to create direct contact with readers, demonstrate your knowledge and gain their trust. However, when running a blog, for example, sometimes you can get caught with writer’s block, or just don’t know where to start. 

Those who dedicate themselves to digital marketing and writing blogs know how important creating an editorial plan is, and producing new content at a constant pace without ever falling below a certain qualitative threshold and losing interest from their audience. 

Below are a few quick-fire ways to arm yourself with information or ideas that can help you put pen to paper. 

Google tools and SEO tools to research topics 

Writing a post without a purpose is wasted time, and if you haven’t done the research on how to choose and position keywords on the page, you won’t be able to intercept readers in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). 

So, try to imagine your ideal reader and think about what they might be interested in: what are the solutions you can offer? How can you make their life better? 

If you have an idea for a new topic, imagine how your reader would search for it on the internet and type the phrase into Google. The words you used for the search are your starting keywords and are valuable. 

Also, try them in the Google Trends search bar to see how interesting they are, or search for related words with the free Google Ads tools. You have to get to the content people are looking for, with the words and language they usually use. 

Google’s basic tools are a necessary resource; anyone who writes for the web should use them. Even the unassuming hints Google shows you while you’re typing a phrase into the search field are valuable clues. 

There are also paid tools with advanced features, such as SEOZoom and other free keyword research tools that can help. 

Your customers are the editorial plan! 

The editorial plan of a business blog is nothing more than what your customers want. The trick is then to think about your buyers/visitors and start building a profile. Who are your customers? Age, gender, interests, behaviours, internet browsing habits etc. Perhaps talk to your sales department or customer care team and you will find an avalanche of questions on which to organise an editorial plan! 

Writing with the intent to help and offer solutions to specific needs enhances your knowledge and offers a useful service to people. This attitude turns into an exchange that enriches your content offering and increases your authority online. 

Involve employees and stakeholders 

To identify interesting and engaging content for users which allows you to increase web traffic and plenty of clicks and “likes” on your corporate blog, a winning move is to involve employees and stakeholders (suppliers, distributors, key customers). With their suggestions and ideas, you can enrich your initial knowledge and find new and brilliant ideas to organise an amazing editorial plan built around your business and those who frequently engage with it. 

Your competition 

We’re not suggesting that you copy what others are doing, but take a cue from more successful companies/content creators. Also, in your sector, there will certainly be a company that acts as a reference point for everyone. Here, their social pages and their blogs are a great tool to find ideas to replicate on your pages, obviously without copying, but writing new, fresh content, with the style that distinguishes you and with your own point of view. 

To conclude 

Other than relying on inspiration on a day-to-day basis and falling behind, try to structure an editorial plan towards the short/medium term by trying a few of the ideas that we have listed in the article. 

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