Features your Ecommerce site needs to include 2019

DeanM on May 24, 2019 at 10:59 am


When looking at creating a great online business, many of us want to know how to build a successful ecommerce site. This blog post aims to offer you a guide to what customers find attractive and necessary when purchasing from an ecommerce store.

Ensure your site is user friendly. Online sellers don’t have a lot of time to make a sale. In fact, experts estimate have minutes, if not seconds to close the deal. Make sure the user experience is as easy and functional as possible by providing shopping categories, filters, and comparison capabilities
You want to help shoppers get to what they want faster and without running into unnecessary complexity that can clog up the path to purchase.
One key aspect of making the site more user friendly is to make absolutely sure it works well on mobile devices. Mobile shopping accounts for around 50% of online purchases and you cannot alienate a huge potential consumer base.

Make sure the products are presented well and accurately. This means using high resolution photographs and showing the product in a range of different uses and environments.

Another essential for ecommerce sites is reviews. We wrote a whole guide to getting more reviews in April that is definitely worth taking a look at. Briefly, encourage existing users to leave reviews with incentives like rewards or follow up with them after a purchase. These reviews will lead to an increase in sales, which should in turn lead to more reviews. It’s a fantastic cycle.

Promote special offers. When customers believe they’re getting a limited time deal, it encourages them to spend more time on the site and spend more money. If you have a constant “offers” page, this can improve your SEO too!

Another thing to explore is a wishlist option. This allows people to save and bookmark items that they can then come back and purchase at a later date. It’s a remarketing dream!

Add a related items feature. This can both increase sales and help build a relationship with the client and make them feel like your store just understands them.

Finally, add an FAQ page. Not only does this show that you’re ready to answer questions, queries and follow ups but also allows you more time to focus on what makes your business great rather than answering emails about returns. In fact, if that sort of information is not readily available on your site, it can lead to decrease in trust and make people less likely to purchase from you.

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